We take our social responsibility seriously and ensure that operations at our plants are as resource and energy efficient as possible, and we choose material and component suppliers that follow the same responsible practices as we do. We operate in a labour-intensive sector, and in line with our strategy, we want to be an attractive employer. We are committed to offering our employees secure jobs, and we expect our partners to do the same.

The aspects of responsible sourcing have long been highlighted in the footwear and textile industries. Responsible sourcing ensures that even those steps in the production process that are not in our own hands are carried out with respect for the environment and people. We have assessed sustainability aspects in the footwear and textile industry, such as environmental impacts related to production and the sourcing of raw and other materials, as well as the realisation of human rights in our sourcing processes. 

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Sustainability review, spring 2024

Sievi wants to provide its customers and partners with up-to-date information about the progress of its sustainability efforts. This sustainability review contains highlights from 2023 as well as news about the development of our sustainability efforts for 2024.

Read Sievi's sustainability review here

Sustainability report 2020–2022

Responsibility is central to the Sievi brand and its values. We want to improve occupational safety and create innovations to promote a healthier and safer workplace. Our goal is to offer our customers the most comfortable footwear on the market, but also footwear that is sustainably produced.

Read Sievi's sustainability report here

Calculation of the products' carbon footprint

Sievi is one of the first manufacturers of safety and occupational footwear to calculate carbon dioxide emissions per pair of shoes. The calculations have been produced together with Third Rock Finland Oy. 

Look total emissions per pair of shoes here

Instructions for Disposal of Used Footwear