Sievi RX Roller S3
Light Boot Camo O5
SieviAir R3 Roller S3
SieviAir R5H Roller S1P
Terrain High S3
Sievi Fly
Viper Roller High+ S3

Sievi - The Mark of Quality 

Sievi is the largest manufacturer of Safety and Occupational footwear in Northern Europe. The Sievi brand, the mark of quality, offers unsurpassed work safety, fit and wearer comfort. Sievi is continuously working with the latest technology, materials and features to develop the best footwear for work.

Our goal is to manufacture the most suitable and wearer friendly safety and occupational footwear for all working conditions; footwear which helps increase work safety, efficiency, and job satisfaction. Working footwear today must also be stylish and fit together with clothing and uniforms. Sievi’s extensive collection forms a product family, where you can find the precise footwear for all your occupations and working conditions. Sievi, the mark for professionals.


13.5.2020 News: Sievi’s production is running normally

Sievi’s production is running normally and so far the Coronavirus has not affected our production.

This is because:
• Sievi has a large service warehouse, over 150,000 catalogue models for immediate delivery
• Sievi has also a large warehouse of raw materials in Finland
• Production sites are in Finland, both in Sievi and Oulainen

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will communicate if the situation changes.

Let’s Take Care of Each Other!