52135 303 93M
52135 303 93M
42 302 valkoinen
varvassuoja teras Naulaanastumissuoja teras Oljyn ja useiden kemikaalien kesto feature antistaattinen Vetta hylkiva Joustopohja Pohjamateriaali PU DUAL pohjallinen nilkkasuoja feature ESD feature 3D dry FlexStep

Planar 3 S3

35-38 EN ISO 20345: S3 SRC
39-48 EN ISO 20345: S3 SRC

The retro-modern Planar 3 S3 shoes are a breakthrough in comfort thanks to their memory foam ankle protection. Memory foam adapts to the user's individual foot and ankle shape providing gentle support which helps prevent ankle injuries. 3D-dry® lining and double-cushion Dual insoles guarantee maximum comfort. Steel toecaps and penetration-resistant steel midsoles protect the feet even in the most challenging conditions.

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