Light Boot Camo O5

Light Boot Camo O5

35 - 38
39 - 48
Product code
Safety class
EN ISO 20347: O5 SRC FO
Penetration Resistant Midsole
Sole material
Single Density PU
Upper material

New product in the Sievi light boots collection! Sievi Light Boot Camo is a comfortable and safe boot for work and leisure. The microcellular structure of polyurethane makes the boots lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear. The penetration-resistant steel midsoles give the boots a firm shape and add rotational rigidity even on uneven terrain while providing protection against sharp objects.


The steel midsole, prevents sharp objects from penetrating through the sole. Meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard: resistance to nail penetration is 1100 N.

Single Density PU

The footwear sole is made of FlexStep® material. This single
density microporous structured polyurethane sole offers very
high slip-resistance and fl exiblity providing excellent shock


The shock-absorbing heel area protects the feet and the skeletal system against stress. The product meets the requirements of EN ISO 20345:2011 and EN ISO 20347:2012: the shock absorption capacity of the footwear is at least 20 J. The cushioning effect is guaranteed by the use of FlexStep® sole material in all Sievi footwear.


The microporous FlexStep® sole material developed by Sievi maintains its excellent shock absorption and flexibility in freezing conditions and creates excellent friction on slippery surfaces. The construction of the FlexStep® flexible sole eliminates stress and shocks to the feet and spine. The FlexStep® flexible sole is featured on all Sievi footwear.


Footwear designed with antistatic features, discharges the
body’s static electricity up to tolerances of 100 kΩ - 1000 MΩ.


Through its sole construction, ESD footwear provides a safe and
controlled method of discharging the body’s static electricity.
The tolerances for the resistance of Sievi footwear are stricter
(100 kΩ-35 MΩ) than for ordinary antistatic footwear
(IEC 61340-5-1).

Water repellent

The upper material used in this footwear is water repellent. Its water resistance meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard.

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