A recognised Finnish magazine for the building trade TM Rakennusmaailma tested safety footwear suitable for winter conditions in autumn 2013. The test covered footwear from seven manufacturers. All footwear tested are type approved and meet the EU standards. In order to discover any real differences in the footwear, the tests carried out were much more rigorous than the standard tests.

In safety footwear, the toe cap protects toes from falling objects and crushing. In the compression tests, Sievi Solid XL+ S3 was among the top performers and proved to be considerably sturdier than the standard requires. The boot was exposed to compression from two metal plates with a compression force equalling to 1500 kg for three minutes. Even when the compression force was increased, the Sievi boot left toes room to remain unharmed. The impact resistance was also one of the best among the boots tested.

Another critical function of safety footwear is to prevent sharp objects from piercing the sole. In the test simulating stepping on a nail, the Solid XL+ S3 boot was in a class of its own. The test was carried out using real nail gun nails, which are sharper than the nails used in standard tests.

A good grip whatever the weather

In cold conditions the safety boots' grip may be compromised as most materials harden as temperatures drop. Sievi Solid XL+ S3 is not really affected by the temperature. The secret of the superior grip is the FlexStep® sole material, which retains its flexibility in all temperatures better than any of its rivals. The sole is flexible, which guarantees very good grip and ground contact.

Sievi is the leading manufacturer of safety and occupational footwear in Northern Europe. Sievis product development focuses on designing better occupational footwear and applying the latest technologies and the best materials. The design always takes into account the safety, work environment requirements, comfort and practicality – while never forgetting style.

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