Work brings with it varying conditions. To describe the footwear they require, Sievi has designed a set of symbols corresponding to properties. Their meanings are given in the list of symbols below.

By selecting footwear on the basis of properties, you will find shoes exactly suited to your use.



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Properties of our footwear and their symbols:

varvassuoja teras

Toecap, steel

The toecap protects toes from falling objects and compression. Meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard: shock resistance is 200 J and resistance to compression 15000 N.

Varvassuoja alumiini

Toecap, aluminium

The toecap protects toes from falling objects and compression. Meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard: shock resistance is 200 J and resistance to compression 15000 N. The aluminium toecap is 50 % lighter than traditional steel toecaps.

Varvassuoja komposiitti

Toecap, composite

The toecap protects toes from falling objects and compression. Meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard: shock resistance is 200 J and resistance to compression 15000 N. Toecap made of composite material is completely metal free and insulates well against heat and cold.

Naulaanastumissuoja teras

Penetration resistant midsole, steel

The steel midsole, prevents sharp objects from penetrating through the sole. Meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard: resistance to nail penetration is 1100 N.

Naulaanastumissuoja komposiittitekstiili

Penetration resistant midsole, composite

The penetration resistance fulfills the same EN ISO 20345:2011 requirements as traditional midsole made of steel. Steel, however, gives greater penetration resistance, which is why Sievi recommends a steel midsole for the more demanding conditions (e.g. construction industry).

Oljyn ja useiden kemikaalien kesto

Resistance to oil and many chemicals

Sievi’s sole resists oil and many chemicals. The oil resistance of Sievi footwear meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard.

Vetta hylkiva

Water repellent

The upper material used in this footwear is water repellent. Its water resistance meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard.



The upper material of the footwear is microfibre, which is fast drying and very resistant to frequent washing.

Lammin vuori

Warm lining

Footwear displaying this symbol can be worn in cold environments. The material keeping the cold out is either lamb’s wool or artifi cial fur. Additionally, some styles are lined with Thinsulate™ fi ber.



Models marked with this symbol have a useful zipper.


Memory foam ankle protection

The ankle part of the footwear is protected by viscoelastic memory foam, which shapes itself to the wearer’s foot, providing personalised support and softness. The compact memory foam prevents ankle injuries by supporting the wearer’s foot and by absorbing external shocks to the ankle.



These shoes protect the user against chainsaw cuts and meet the Class 2 requirements of the EN ISO 17249:2013 standard for safety footwear with resistance to chainsaw cutting.


Metal free

Footwear displaying with this symbol is metal free. The footwear is light, and metal detectors do not react to it. It fulfils the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard.

XL lesti


Sievi XL ranges. These extra wide styles offer more space and comfort for the wearer. For footwear with XL width fi ttings see “XL” in the product name.

DUAL pohjallinen

DUAL insole

The Sievi DUAL Comfort insole has shock absorbing cushions made of PORON® material which adds comfort to your feet and back.

ALU pohjallinen

DUAL insole

DUAL insole The Sievi DUAL Comfort insole has shock absorbing cushions made of PORON® material which adds comfort to your feet and back.


Sievi FlexEnergy – Flexibility at every step

The Sievi FlexEnergy is a flexible component integrated in the entire heel part of the shoe. With this component the shoe provides maximum shock absorption and excellent wearer comfort for long working days, regardless of the working environment. The component is made of BASF’s TPU Infinergy®, which is the first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane in the world.

feature antistaattinen


Footwear designed with antistatic features, discharges the body’s static electricity up to tolerances of 100 kΩ - 1000 MΩ.


Shock-absorbing heel

The shock-absorbing heel area protects the feet and the skeletal system against stress. The product meets the requirements of EN ISO 20345:2011 and EN ISO 20347:2012: the shock absorption capacity of the footwear is at least 20 J. The cushioning effect is guaranteed by the use of FlexStep® sole material in all Sievi footwear.

Pohjamateriaali PU

Sole material PU

The footwear sole is made of FlexStep® material. This single density microporous structured polyurethane sole offers very high slip-resistance and fl exiblity providing excellent shock absorption.

Pohjamateriaali PU PU

Sole material PU/PU

The footwear sole is a very durable double density polyurethane sole, featuring a mid-layer of shock absorbing FlexStep® material.

Pohjamateriaali PU RU

Sole material PU/RU

The footwear sole consists of polyurethane and rubber. The PU/ rubber friction sole features excellent grip- and wear resistant properties and being heat resistant up to 300 °C. The mid-layer of the sole is of shock absorbing FlexStep® material.

Pohjamateriaali PU TPU

Sole material PU/TPU

The double density sole consists of polyurethane and elastic thermoplastic polyurethane. The outsole is wear resistant and the mid-layer is of shock absorbing FlexStep® material.


Heat resistance

Safety footwear displaying this symbol can be worn in hot environments. Sievi’s nitrile rubber sole withstands temperatures up to 300 °C.

Spike nastamekanismi

Spike stud mechanism – Secure grip in challenging conditions

A stud mechanism integrated in the footwear sole construction enables you to turn the studs in and out when the weather conditions change, without the need to remove the shoes.

Thermo lammitysjarjestelma

Thermo heating system – Maintains the work efficiency in the cold

Footwear equipped with the integrated Thermo heating system keeps your feet warm even in the most extreme conditions. The rechargeable heating system provides heat on a single charge up to the whole working day.

Thinsulate logo


The footwear features thermally insulating and breathable Thinsulate™ fi bre. Thinsulate™ fi bres improve the thermal insulation by binding more air molecules between the body and the outside air.


Sievi GORE-TEX® – superior quality bringing more comfort

Everybody knows that the excellent breathability and water resistant properties of GORE-TEX® are second to none. GORE-TEX® lining is a unique material, which allows the feet to breathe but at the same time keeps moisture out. Sievi GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort footwear is recommended for changing and wet conditions.


Firefighters’ boots – Protection in extreme situations

The fireman symbol ensures that the boots fulfill the requirements of the fire footwear standard EN 15090:2012: F1 P A.

feature ESD


Through its sole construction, ESD footwear provides a safe and controlled method of discharging the body’s static electricity. The tolerances for the resistance of Sievi footwear are stricter (100 kΩ-35 MΩ) than for ordinary antistatic footwear (IEC 61340-5-1).


Safe steps and more grip

SieviBalance improves the rotational rigidity of the shoe and the control of the foot, reducing strain to the ankles and accident risk.

Boa Logo 2017

BOA® Closure System – more user comfort

Easy to use and durable, the patented Boa® Closure System signifi cantly increases the wearer comfort of the footwear. Turn the button to achieve the perfect fit.


DryStep – Effective ventilation for your feet

The surface material of the DryStep insole effectively transfers moisture away from the foot. The unique ventilation and pump action mechanism of DryStep keeps your feet dry and comfortable.


SieviAir® – Let your feet breathe

Developed and patented by Sievi, the SieviAir® sole solution takes care of your feet and improves footwear comfort. The SieviAir® system dissipates the perspiration from the shoe through special ducts in the side of the sole. Under the perforated insole there is a filter, which is connected to exhalation channels. With every step you take the filter is compressed, resuming its original shape when the foot is lifted. This movement produces a pumping action, improving the ventilation of the shoe. SieviAir® really allows your feet to breathe!

feature 3D dry

Dry feet with 3D-dry

3D-dry lining, developed by Sievi, transfers moisture from the foot to the second layer of the lining and further through the upper and away from the shoe thus keeping your feet drier and more comfortable.


FlexStep® – Grip and flexibility to work

The microporous FlexStep® sole material, developed by Sievi has been re-designed. The re-designed sole material maintains its excellent shock absorbing properties and flexibility in freezing conditions more efficient. The footwear sole therefore remains softer, even in heavy freezing conditions, and maintains excellent friction on slippery surfaces. The construction of the FlexStep® flexible sole eliminates stress and shocks to the feet and spine, helping to prevent foot and back pains and thereby improving work efficiency. The FlexStep® flexible sole is featured on all Sievi footwear.



Sievi’s new GripStep® is the only sole structure on the market, where the friction properties of microporous polyurethane and TR rubber have been combined on the tread in order to maximise the grip. The sole grips firmly on cold and slippery surfaces. Thanks to the dual structure the sole is also flexible and shock absorbing. It feels comfortable from your first step.