52118 103 96W
52118 103 96W
44 103 white
44 102
Varvassuoja alumiini Oljyn ja useiden kemikaalien kesto feature antistaattinen Vetta hylkiva Joustopohja Pohjamateriaali PU DUAL pohjallinen Mikrokuitu feature ESD Boa Logo 2017 feature 3D dry FlexStep

White Roller S2

36-38 EN ISO 20345: S2 SRC
39-47 EN ISO 20345: S2 SRC

These microfibre shoes are ideal for environments where hygiene is critical. The Boa® mechanism provides more comfort for the wearer: a turn of the dial and your shoes fit perfectly. Microfibre can withstand frequent washing. The flexible FlexStep® soles grip well even on challenging surfaces. The Dual insole adds extra comfort. Antistatic properties and ESD approved.

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