52342 122 93M
52342 122 93M
52342 122 93M
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Varvassuoja alumiini Oljyn ja useiden kemikaalien kesto feature antistaattinen Vetta hylkiva Joustopohja Pohjamateriaali PU PU DUAL pohjallinen FLEX ENERGY feature ESD feature 3D dry FlexStep

Sievi Racer 1 S2

35-38 EN ISO 20345: S2 SRC
39-48 EN ISO 20345: S2 SRC

The Sievi Racer combines comfort and safety in the workplace in a new way. The sporty and lightweight structure, anatomic shape that supports the feet, light and breathable materials, and the new durable and extremely secure ActionPro dual-layer soles make the Racer the ultimate safety shoe. The flexible FlexEnergy component ensures maximum impact absorption.

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