MGuard Roller+ S3 HRO

MGuard Roller+ S3 HRO

35 - 38
Product code
Safety class
EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO M SRC
Perforation Resistant Midsole
Sole material
Double density PU/RU, TractionPro
Upper material
Split leather
BOA® lace length
60 cm

MGuard Roller is designed for demanding conditions. The integrated Metashield® metatarsal protection absorbs impacts by up to 90%. The flexible FlexEnergy® component absorbs kinetic energy and more than 55% of the energy is returned to the wearer. The Sievi TractionPro® sole ensures a maximum grip, and the Dual Comfort insole, BOA® Fit System lacing mechanism.


The toecap protects toes from falling objects and compression. Meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2022 standard: shock resistance is 200 J and resistance to compression 15 000 N. The aluminium toe cap is 50 % lighter than conventional steel toecaps.


The steel midsole prevents sharp objects from penetrating the sole. Meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2022 standard: resistance to nail penetration is 1100 N.

Resistance to oil and many chemicals

The footwear sole resists oil and many chemicals. The oil resistance of Sievi footwear meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2022 standard.


Antistatic footwear releases in a controlled manner static electricity accumulated in the body. The resistance limits are 100 kΩ - 1000 MΩ.

Water repellent

The upper material used in this footwear is water repellent. Its water resistance meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2022 standard.

Shock-absorbing heel

Shock-absorption of the heel is a requirement of EN ISO 20345:2022 and EN ISO 20347:2022 standards: the shock absorption of the footwear must be at least 20 J. In all Sievi footwear the cushioning effect is guaranteed by the use of FlexStep® sole material, see FlexStep® for more information.

Double density PU/RU

The footwear sole consists of polyurethane and rubber. The PU/rubber friction sole features excellent grip and wear resistant properties. The mid-layer of the sole is made of shock absorbing FlexStep® material. Heat resistant up to 300°C.

Heat resistance

The footwear can be worn in hot environments. Sievi’s nitrile rubber sole withstands temperatures up to 300 °C.

Ankle protection

The ankle has PORON XRD® support (Lazer Roller High+) or viscoelastic memory foam that moulds itself to the wearer's foot, supporting the ankle and absorbing shocks.

DUAL Comfort insole

The insole consists of three layers: a soft surface material, a breathable interlayer and a lightweight, shock-absorbing EVA bottom layer. On the heel and under the ball of the foot there
is a PORON® shock absorbing cushion, which absorbs external shocks and reduces strain.


Sievi’s Metashield® metatarsal guard is integrated into the shoe's structure and absorbs impacts on the instep by up to 90 percent. The guard, made of PORON XRD® material, is very flexible and its molecular structure, together with the shoe's breathable upper material, allows air to circulate and remove moisture from the shoe, making it very pleasant to wear. The Metashield® metatarsal guard offers significantly better protection than conventional safety shoes, without compromising comfort.


Through its sole construction, ESD footwear provides a safe and controlled method of discharging the body’s static electricity. The resistance limits 100 kΩ - 35 MΩ for the Sievi ESD footwear are stricter than for antistatic footwear (IEC 61340-5-1). Wearing ESD footwear can help you avoid damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

BOA® Fit System

The BOA® Fit System delivers micro-adjustable precision fit, engineered to perform in the toughest conditions. BOA® Fit System consists of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, a super-strong lightweight lace and low friction lace guides.


The 3D-dry® lining, developed by Sievi, transfers moisture away from the foot to the second layer of the lining material and further through the upper and away from the footwear.


The microporous FlexStep® sole material developed by Sievi maintains its excellent shock absorption and flexibility in freezing conditions. The structure of the FlexStep®flexible sole prevents strain on the feet and spine and absorbs shocks. The FlexStep® flexible sole is featured on all Sievi footwear.


The flexible FlexEnergy® component is integrated in the entire heel part of the shoe and provides maximum shock absorption of kinetic energy, with more than 55 % of the energy returned to you. The component is made of BASF’s TPU Infinergy® material, the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane.


Sievi TractionPro® is a sturdy friction sole that gives stronger grip on slippery surfaces. The unique sticky rubber sole, together with the FlexStep® interlayer, developed by Sievi, ensure that the sole remains flexible in all conditions. The Sievi TractionPro® sole's structure and design, with its deep and sharp-edged tread profile, are designed to maximise friction and maintain grip on different surfaces.

UK Design No. 6227543
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52425 372 25M
52425 372 25M
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