12866 193 71M
12866 193 71M
48 193 camo
Oljyn ja useiden kemikaalien kesto feature antistaattinen Vetta hylkiva Joustopohja Pohjamateriaali PU RU DUAL pohjallinen XL lesti nilkkasuoja GTproducts FlexStep

GT 53 XL

39-47 EN ISO 20347: O2 SRC HRO FO HI WR

Robust GORE-TEX® combat boots that will keep your feet dry in any weather. The excellent breathability of GORE-TEX® and the shock-absorbing cushions in the Dual insoles make these boots extremely comfortable to wear. Memory foam ankle protection provides added support and shapes itself to the wearer's foot as it warms. The winter-grade rubber sole stays flexible even in freezing conditions.

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