Instructions for Disposal of Used Footwear

Instructions for Disposal of Used Footwear


Most of the Sievi Safety Footwear styles have metal components, such as steel or aluminium toecap, and some styles also have a penetration resistant midsole made of steel. We do not recommend removing these parts for recycling, because the parts are built tight in the footwear structure, and they can be removed only with the help of sharp tools, which in turn causes a risk of injury. The upper and the lining materials you can, if you so wish, cut out and depending on materials recycle the parts.

Please exercise special caution when using sharp cutting tools!



As required by the environmental laws, the materials used in the Sievi footwear are those permitted, environmentally friendly materials, which decompose into the natural cycle, with the exception of metal parts. It means in practice that footwear, which is worn out, can be taken together with the normal municipal solid waste (mixed waste) to the landfill, where they decompose.



The Sievi footwear does not contain PVC. PVC can not be used to produce energy by burning because of the harmful substances it contains. Sievi footwear, therefore, can be delivered to a waste incineration plant to be burned together with normal municipal solid waste (mixed waste). In the incineration plants the possible metal parts are being separated from the ashes with a magnet and reused.

Footwear shall not be burned in a home environment, because due to the low incineration temperature the materials used in footwear release harmful particles into the breathing air and the environment.

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