Sievi Code of Ethics

We comply with responsible and ethical practises. Common ethically acceptable practises strengthen the reliability of Sievi’s operations and promote transparency of our operations in relation to all our stakeholders – customers, personnel and the surrounding society.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

  • We comply with the legislation in force and the agreements we make.
  • We do not use any illegal or restricting trade practices.
  • We treat our customers, personnel and other stakeholders equally and fairly.
  • We respect the norms and legal practises of different cultures everywhere we operate.

2. Taking care of employees

  • We treat all our employees equally, according to the International Declaration of Human Rights. (UNGC 1)
  • We take care of our personnel’s wellbeing and safety at work.
  • We do not accept any kind of discrimination or harassment at our workplace. (UNGC 6)
  • We respect each other’s privacy and confidentiality of personal information.
  • We respect the freedom of employees to organise themselves professionally. (UNGC 3)
  • We are opposed to forced-, and child labour. (UNGC 4 , 5 )
  • We expect also our suppliers and other partners to respect laws and human rights. (UNGC 2)

3. Respect for nature

  • In our operations we comply with environmental and nature-related laws, regulations, rules and obligations.
  • We optimise the use of raw-materials, energy and water, and minimise the accumulation of waste. (UNGC 7)
  • We promote the recycling of materials and use renewable natural resources as far as possible. (UNGC 9)
  • Our operations meet the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. (UNGC 8)

4. Quality

  • We are responsible for our products meeting the quality requirements and standards set to them.
  • We ensure the quality of our products by regular monitoring and testing both in our own test laboratory as well as in independent test houses.
  • Our operations are in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

5. Integrity

  • Sievi or its employees will not give or accept money or gifts or other benefits of inappropriate value, which can be seen as an attempt to influence decision making. (UNGC 10)
  • Our bookkeeping and documentation is accurate and describe the events truthfully.

6. Social Role

  • We operate as part of the surrounding society and participate actively in discussions concerning our own industry.
  • We are involved in the decision-making bodies of the industry.

7. Compliance with the Code of Ethics

  • All our employees must comply with the company’s ethical guidelines.
  • We expect our suppliers, service providers and subcontractors to comply with the ethical practises, all existing national laws and international agreements, as well as to respect the human rights.
  • If the corporate management becomes aware that the ethical guidelines have been neglected, the reports are investigated and corrective actions are taken when needed.