Sievi factory

Our strategy to specialise in safety footwear and continuously update both products and production methods has been rewarded. Despite the decline in manufacture of leather footwear in Finland, we have consistently increased our output and staff numbers. We currently employ 500 persons, and in recognition of our contribution to employment and occupational safety, we received the GOOD EMPLOYER AWARD from the Ministry of Labour.

Sievi is the largest and most advanced manufacturer of safety footwear in northern Europe and in 1991 we were the first in Europe to receive ISO 9000 accreditation for quality. We were also the first in Europe to receive the right to use the CE safety standard mark on our entire safety footwear range. Exports currently account for 50 % of our output. All our products are made using Finnish labour.

Sievi cares about the environment

Sievin Jalkine Oy was the first shoe factory in Europe to introduce an environmental management system in conformance with the ISO 14001 standard.

This system covers all Sievi operations, plus the training of Group sales personnel, and the transfer of information between company, customers, subcontractors and suppliers in Finland and abroad. Our environmental management system seeks to secure customer satisfaction, a clean and healthy environment and optimal use of raw materials, water and energy. It further aims to minimise emissions and waste, and promote the use and recycling of renewable natural resources.