ISO 9001 Quality System

Recognized quality

Sievi is the European forerunner in the footwear industry when it comes to developing products and operations. Sievi was the first safety footwear manufacturer in northern Europe to receive a certified quality system, and now works on the basis of an extensive ISO 9001 Quality System. Sievi was also the first safety footwear manufacturer in the Nordic countries to be granted the right to use the CE symbol. These two symbols concerning high quality and properties of footwear are a guarantee to Sievi's customers: they are sure to get high quality products strictly adhering to the order.

Safety as a guideline

Sievi's safety and professional footwear are the result of extensive research and development. The design incorporates requirements imposed by different kinds of working environments and easy and comfortable use. Appearance has also been given particular attention; that is why these Sievi shoes and boots look and feel like ordinary shoes although they contain a number of details that add to safety.