From cobbler to industrial enterprise
Sievin Jalkine's first product was the leather-topped rubber boot, the same boot worn up and down the country as Finns set off along the road to industrialization. By the end of the 1950s, Sievin Jalkine, too, had grown from a small workshop into a major industrial enterprise.


From leather-topped rubber boot to Finland's biggest boot factory
As the rubber boot fell out of favour, Sievin Jalkine turned to the leather boot. Production had to be updated and the factory expanded. By the end of the decade we were turning out more than 100 000 pairs a year.


Boot manufacturer becomes a pioneer of safety
The concept of occupational safety was revolutionised in the 1970s, and it was time for Sievi to get its safety footwear designs off the drawing board and onto the production line. We invested heavily in training and R&D, and by the end of the decade were ready for the export market.


Sievi's steps turn international
The quality and range of Sievi safety footwear soon attracted attention abroad, and in the 1980s we opened a sales company in Sweden - our main export market. Other important export markets were Norway and Denmark, and Canada, the UK and Continental Europe looked promising. On turning 35, Sievi was able to look to the future with increasing confidence.


Specialist in safety footwear through ongoing product and production method development

Despite the decline in manufacture of leather footwear in Finland, we have consistently increased our output and staff numbers. We currently employ some 490 persons, and in recognition of our contribution to employment and occupational safety we received the GOOD EMPLOYER AWARD from the Ministry of Labour in 1996.

Sievi is the largest and most advanced safety footwear manufacturer in northern Europe. 1991 we were the first in Europe to receive ISO 9000 accreditation for quality. We were also the first in Europe to receive the right to use the CE safety standard mark on our entire safety footwear range. Exports currently account for 60% of our output. All our products are made using Finnish labour.


Renewals, extensions and production increase.
Sievi Group will continue in the 2000s already proven line by investing in products and production processes for continuous improvement. The year 2002 brought with it many changes and reforms, for example in autumn 2002 Leather factory Lapua n nahka Oy and CTE Leather Oy´s business connected Sievi Group to strengthen the already successful entrepreneurial family. Also, the company´s premisses in Sievi factoty and machinery base was enlarged during the autumn 2002 and thus the result of positive changes in the Group's number of employees has increased up to 560 people.

In 2009, the company's production facilities located in Sievi are expanding by 4,000 square meter, which is a 40% increase in Sievi plant production facilities. Logistics flexibility and speed are improved by unique, fully automated logistics center, which will further reduce the delivery time to Sievi´s customers.