Sievi - Worn with confidence
Lazer Roller+ S3
Racer EcoTech S3L
Sievi - Worn with confidence
Lazer Roller High+ S3
Racer EcoTech H S3L
Alaska GT Roller XL+ S7
GT 25 XL+ S7
GT 58
Solid CT XL+ S3L

Sievi shoes – Worn with confidence since 1951

To give your professional best, you need to feel both safe and comfortable at your workplace. Wearing safe and comfortable safety shoes gives you the confidence you need to get started with your work.

Which is why, when we design Sievi safety shoes, we focus not just on your safety but your comfort as well. It also helps that Sievi safety shoes look great. So when you put on your favorite shoes at the beginning of your shift, you’ll have the confidence to face whatever may come your way.

To ensure you have the best possible safety shoes, we keep production in our own hands at our factories in Sievi and Oulainen, Finland, where stable family ownership, decades of experience, technological innovation and the use of quality materials and craftsmanship ensure the highest possible standards are maintained. This, together with our commitment to responsible manufacturing and carbon neutrality by 2035, is our guarantee that you will wear Sievi safety shoes with confidence.

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